Salmon and cod balls,
500 g, ASC certified/MSC certified frozen




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We love salmon. Have a go at one of our reasons: juicy fish balls with flavours from the sea and a texture from heaven. The added cod makes them even tastier.
HUVUDROLL salmon and cod balls

A buffet of good

Today’s recipe for the classic IKEA meatball rolled out from our test kitchen already in 1985. Since then, the IKEA meatball has become an icon on plates around the world and a proud example of traditional Swedish cooking. But, when we asked customers on three different continents what food they prefer, we realised we had to extend our meatball family with tasty alternatives.

“Not everyone eats beef or pork, so we went into the kitchen to create new recipes,” says David Johansson, chef and product developer at IKEA Food Services. First came the chicken ball – an alternative for those who like meat, but not necessarily red meat. “Like all our meatballs it’s just as good hot as cold, and we’ve seasoned it gently so it fits different cuisines and local flavours.”

New flavours in a classic shape

Sustainability was also a reason to create new options. “With the veggie ball we wanted to offer something as appreciated as the classic meatball, but plant-based and with less environmental impact,” explains David. Next came the salmon and cod ball. It contains pieces of salmon that are too small to be used as whole fillets. “And since it’s very tasty meat, we thought, why not make delicious fish balls of it instead?” says David.

Recreating the meatball without meat

The newest edition to the family is the plant ball. It’s made with pea protein, potatoes, apple, oats and onion, but has the great taste and juicy bite of a meatball – making it perfect for everyone who wants to cut down on meat without losing out on the experience. With a climate footprint that is just 4% of the meatball’s, the plant ball has the power to make a difference. “A lot has happened since 1985. Now, there are eatable IKEA icons for more of the many people. No matter if you’re flexitarian, vegan, meat lover, have dietary needs or cultural preferences.”

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Form/Design process

Heavenly good flavours from the sea

Imagine fresh ingredients from the sea, heavenly flavours and juicy texture – then you understand why we love HUVUDROLL salmon and cod balls. Serve them with a tomato and spinach ragout, a buttery lemon and dill sauce, or mashed cauliflower and green peas – the balls are great with many different dishes and condiments. They are also ASC (the salmon) and MSC (the cod) certified and easy to prepare from frozen in the oven, microwave or in a frying pan – depending on your taste.

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