Now everyting is under one roof!
The IKEA warehouses in Suðurhraun 10 and Kauptún 3 have been closed, all products are now delivered from a new, elegant warehouse in Kauptún 4. The new warehouse is located on the south side of the building.



Warehouse 11-20
Click & collect (Warehouse) 11-20
Click & collect (Self-service lockers) 8-22
Umbúðalaust circular hub (As-is) 11-18
Småland 11-19
Greenhouses 11-20


Restaurant 11-19:30
Café 10:30-18
Bakery 11-18
Swedish Food Market 11-20
Bistro 11-20

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Every day 11-17:30
Live chat every day 11-17

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Weekdays 11-17
Phone hours during weekdays 11-12

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Phone number: 520 2500

Open 11 - 17:30

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Open 11-17

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