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This dish drainer holds plates, bowls, cups and cutlery. You can even fix 9 glasses in place on the outside! And it´s simple to move if you need the surface for something else while things are drying.
FLUNDRA dish drainer

The dish drainer that saves space – and money

Do you enjoy doing the dishes? Sure, it can be kind of meditative, but to most of us it’s just plain boring. When creating FLUNDRA dish drainer, we challenged two of our most experienced designers to not only make this part of everyday life a little easier, but also more fun. But is that even possible?

Designers Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg (yes, they’re brother and sister) have worked with us since the 70’s. “We try to make the everyday better for as many people as possible with every single product we design. At a reasonable price. That’s what motivates us”, says Knut. FLUNDRA is a good example of that kind of design. It has more to offer than the most obvious.

Space-saving smartness

That FLUNDRA had to work in a small home with limited space was a given. That’s why the cutlery stand is a part of the dish drainer itself. By using flexible polypropylene plastic, it became possible to hang nine glasses on the side of the drainer, dry 18 plates at the same time – and still have room for that extra pan or bowl. The choice of material also keeps costs low.

Challenge (almost) solved

“We wanted to add something that could trigger the imagination and bring some joy to the product. That’s why we made the drain holes look like soap bubbles – it makes FLUNDRA more playful and a little less like your average dish drainer, explains Marianne. Does FLUNDRA make doing the dishes more fun, then? Maybe not. But, we created a dish drainer that can dry a lot of dishes on a small area. And at a price that fits anyone who rather spend money on other things than dish drainers.

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Low price

Put your money on something more fun than dishes

Limited space in the kitchen, limited time and money, which they'd rather spend on something other than dishes. That's what everyday life is like for many people. That's why FLUNDRA has a really low price, so you can put your money on things that are more fun than dishes. Even so, FLUNDRA is more than an ordinary dish drainer. You can hang 9 glasses on the sides, dry 18 large plates at the same time and still have room over for pans and cutlery.

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