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With STARKVIND air purifier, you can easily improve the air quality indoors. It can be adjusted manually, set to auto mode or fully controlled in the IKEA Home smart app when connected to DIRIGERA hub.
STARKVIND air purifier

Let cleaner air be a part of your décor

Air purifiers contribute to better air in peoples’ homes every day. So do air purifiers from IKEA, but by combining the technology with our home furnishing knowledge, they also blend in. We think technology should be simple, affordable and easy to place in your home.

All over the world, people are affected by bad air quality, and it’s not only connected to bad outdoor air, tells Henrik Telander, who has worked with STARKVIND and our other air quality products. “Many of the things we do at home, like cooking and tidying with cleaning products, can leave different particles and pollutants in the indoor air. Another problem can be pollen or other outdoor air pollutants that come in via our ventilation. All these can be absorbed and filtered with the help of an air purifier.”

Easy to use every day

Henrik and the team had high demands. The air purifiers had to be effective, energy-efficient and quiet – and have affordable filters that are easy to change. All aspects were weighed against each other and prototypes were tested over and over again. “We want people to be able to use an air purifier every day if they need to. That’s why we focused so much on the total cost of owning and using our air purifiers,” explains Henrik.

Tech that blends in

But it’s not enough that air purifiers are easy to use and that all technical specifications are in place – we think they should fit in the home as well. “Since IKEA is a home furnishing company, we have a unique opportunity to add the interior design aspect to our air purifiers. STARKVIND is easy to move around and designed to blend into the room.”

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