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Wi-Fi speaker with 180-degree sound and floor lamp in one – makes technology blend into a home. The bamboo shade gives a warm glow and the speaker has high-quality sound. A collaboration between IKEA and Sonos!
SYMFONISK floor lamp with WiFi speaker

Music and light for more ambience

The SYMFONISK series – our collaboration with Sonos – continues to grow with WiFi speakers that make sound a part of your décor. Now we have added a floor lamp with a bamboo lamp shade that provides a soft and cosy light. What music would you match it with?

At IKEA we have a lot of knowledge about interior design and life at home, but with the SYMFONISK series, we are collaborating with Sonos, who are experts in sound experiences. “It’s a really good combination if you want to help more people enjoy streamed music and radio without speakers stealing space,” says Stjepan Begic, who has been involved in SYMFONISK collaboration since the start. “We challenge each other and find new solutions. Like this floor lamp with a lamp shade made of bamboo.”

Shadow play on the wall

SYMFONISK floor lamp has a stable base so it stands steady. On top of the speaker is the braided lamp shade. “We tried various materials before we decided on bamboo. It is lightweight and gives a warm and cosy feel. The braiding makes the light spread beautifully and creates nice shadows on the wall when you light the lamp in the evening,” says Stjepan, who recommends a clear light source for the best light.

Hidden technology

The Sonos experts have been involved throughout the journey to ensure that the technology is right and sound are satisfactory. The whole idea of SYMFONISK is to hide the speaker technology to save space and reduce the number of gadgets and cables. “The system fits everywhere, from the small student apartment to the big house. If the family grows or you move to a larger home, you can easily extend the system with more built-in speakers and fill your rooms with more music, radio, audiobooks – and ambient light.

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