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This hand-woven basket with its airy pattern and warm colour scheme gives you a glimpse of what you store inside. Decorative wherever you put it, but fits perfectly in KALLAX shelf unit.

A grass for greener products

Sometimes we find new materials in the most unexpected places. Bulrush is one example. It’s a grass-like plant used to improve the water quality in shrimp farms. It can also be used to create unique and handmade products for the home, and a more sustainable livelihood for the people that make them.

Professor Ni Duong Van at the Can Tho University in Vietnam knows all there is to know about bulrush, a wetland plant with long and strong fibres. “It’s a native species in Vietnam, but during the ‘90s, when more land was used for aquaculture – especially shrimp farming – much of the bulrush was cleaned out. That proved to be a mistake,” says professor Duong Van.

Better conditions

Some years later, more than 90% of the shrimp had died. After careful studies, it became evident that shrimp feed had accumulated in the top soil and affected the water quality. “There was no vegetation that could filter the polluted water, so I did experiments where I introduced different native plant species. Bulrush gave the best results since it grows densely and can take high salinity, which is perfect for shrimp farming.” When the grass was reintroduced on the farms, the shrimps’ health improved significantly – harmful diseases decreased with up to 70%. A good result, but when the fast-growing plant was back on the farms, it also meant more work to keep it at bay.

From leftover material to handicraft

“It’s hard labour to cut down the grass and maintain it. We thought it would be good if that effort and the plant debris, could generate something more to the farmers,” says the professor. One way is to transform the plant fibre to useful everyday items – like the ones you find in the LUSTIGKURRE collection. It’s products that not only creates an extra income for farmers – but also work for skilled artisans and possibilities for you to decorate your home with unique, handmade creations.

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What is water hyacinth?

Water hyacinth is a free-floating plant that spreads quickly in tropical waterways. When covering the surface completely, it blocks out sunlight which disrupts biodiversity. Also, local communities suffer as transportation routes are clogged. When harvested, biodiversity is restored and waterways are kept open. The plant itself becomes a resource too. The stalks make a flexible material that can be woven or braided into unique baskets, mats and other home furnishings.

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