Curtains, 1 pair,
145x250 cm, dark beige



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These timeless dark beige curtains in natural crushed linen offer privacy and bring a casual vibe to your room. The fabric suits any season, and falls gently while allowing light and air to pass through.
DYTÅG curtains, 1 pair

Curtains that fall just as they should

DYTÅG linen curtains have several important tasks. They filter the light from the outside, give a little privacy and contribute with a warm and snug feeling. And for the linen fabric to get just the right soft fall, we use… air.

Linen textiles have been used for thousands of years and are still appreciated today. Our product developer, Alexander van der Spree, is a dedicated fan. “I love linen. It’s easy to care for, hard-wearing, and durable – and only gets more beautiful and softer the more you use and wash it.

Hot air replaces water

But when a linen fabric is completely new, it can feel a bit stiff, and it takes a couple of washes before it has that soft feel and elegant fall you want in a curtain. “Linen products are often washed already when they are manufactured to become softer, but we discovered a method that showers the curtain with hot air to get the same softening effect as a wash” says Alexander. The method means that your newly bought curtains fall softly and evenly already when you hang them up – and less water and chemicals are used. Later, when you wash your curtains, they only become more beautiful. If you prefer a relaxed and washed feel, you can hang them up straight away without ironing the natural creases.

A comfortable light and a cosy feel

DYTÅG curtains are available in several colours and are easy to match with different styles. Alexander explains how they also give a special light depending on which colour you choose. “The slightly irregular structure of the linen filters the sunrays through the curtains and lets in a comfortable and warm light. It gives your room a natural and cosy feel.”

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Sew without needle or thread

With SY iron-on hemming strip everyone can "sew" curtains. All you need to do is cut your fabric to size, fold the hem, lay the strip in place and fix it with a warm iron.


What is flax?

Already thousands of years ago, humans discovered how the fibre in the flax plant’s stem can be treated, spun and woven into a durable linen fabric. Even today, flax is appreciated for its many qualities. For example, it has very good absorbency that makes it particularly great for kitchen towels. The flax fibre’s smooth surface gives bed linens a comfortable and cooling feel, but flax can also be mixed with cotton to get a slightly softer textile.

Energy and Resources

Curtains that fall just as they should

DYTÅG linen curtains filter the light from the outside and give your room a warm and snug feel. To make the curtains fall softly, already when you hang them up, we’re using a method where the linen fabric goes through a method that showers the linen fabric with hot air. It has the same softening effect as a wash but reduces the consumption of both water and chemicals.

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