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Imagine a shining circus tent at home! This pendant lamp is made of recycled plastic and the packaging can be reused as a colouring book. Tested to some of the strictest safety standards in the world.
TROLLBO pendant lamp

A lamp with a story to tell

What does settling down before bedtime look like in your home? Maybe you read a bedtime story or have a cosy chat before turning out the lights. TROLLBO lamp can be inspiring for both a bedtime story and a conversation about what happens to all those plastic bottles that you leave for recycling. The lampshade looks like a lit circus tent and is actually a small milestone on our path to offering more environmentally sustainable products.

The earth's resources are limited and we must all use them with greater care. One way is to choose recycled PET plastic instead of new plastic – just like the lampshade for TROLLBO lamp. Thea Svensson is a design engineer and explains how she and her colleagues focused on sustainability in all stages of product development. "To avoid material waste, we chose to use injection moulding for the lampshade. We also made it possible to take the entire lamp apart so that everything can easily be recycled one day."

How old plastic becomes new plastic

If you and your family usually leave in PET bottles for recycling, you are in good company with millions of people around the world. But what happens to all those bottles? "They are transported to a return factory where they are washed and sorted by colour", explains Thea. "They are then melted down and become granules, a sort of plastic pellet, which is used as material for new products."

Update when the children get older

Thea hopes that TROLLBO will communicate an important message. "Hopefully it can inspire conversations with children about how we can take care of the earth's resources a bit smarter." One way can be to not automatically replace interior design details when you want a change, Thea suggests. "When the children get older and want a more neutral style, you can easily change TROLLBO by removing the colourful details on the cord."

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What is PET plastic?

PET plastic is perhaps best known for its use in beverage bottles, yet suits a lot of food and beverage packaging since it’s approved for food contact. Like other plastics, PET is largely made from oil-based raw materials, but today there are even better opportunities to use both renewable raw materials, like corn and sugar cane, and to recycle the plastic several times. At IKEA, recycled PET becomes many things – from storage boxes to soft filling in pillows and quilts.

Designer thoughts

Designer Stina Lanneskog

"I love creating for children. They both see and relate to things differently than us adults. My design for TROLLBO pendant lamp was inspired by old circus tents. The shade is made from recycled plastic and the decorations can be removed when your child gets older, so the lamp is sustainable in more than one way. I hope it spreads a homely and happy feeling, but most of all, that your child feels – “this is my lamp, my very own”.”

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