Alarm clock,
11 cm, silver-colour


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No disturbing ticking sounds since the clock has a silent quartz movement.

Its clean design means that the clock is great in many environments and all rooms in a home.

MALLHOPPA alarm clock is both stylish and practical. A given on the bedside table, but is just as great on a chest of drawers together with other decorative items.


Do you hear that ticking sound? Neither do we!

Clocks are great accessories, and a beautiful wall or table clock tells more than just the time. Our clocks are available in different styles, colours and sizes to suit any room. Even in the bedroom, since all our clocks are silent and give you the exact time without ticking or other annoying noises. Choose a clock that suits you and combine with pictures and mirrors to decorate the walls in your home. Don't forget to add batteries!

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