30x30x35 cm, jute


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This jute basket is sewn together by hand and is easy to fold down to the height you want. With its soft shape and warm colour, it owns its place in KALLAX and EKET shelving units.

A basket of opportunities

A basket of opportunities

Our TJILLEVIPS baskets are made of jute, a versatile plant fibre that can be shaped into beautiful and functional objects for the home. The Indian jute industry is traditionally very male-dominated, but one of our suppliers suggested hiring women to make the TJILLEVIPS baskets. An initiative that contributes to more equality and better opportunities for women in the Indian countryside.

“I was contacted by one of our long-time suppliers in the Kerala region who suggested that they should focus on hiring mainly women to do our TJILLEVIPS baskets”, tells Nidhi Bhayana, who works with textiles for IKEA in India. “We thought it was a good idea! With this initiative, we can, together with the supplier, contribute to equality and create more opportunities for women in the area.”

An idea with a ripple effect

The supplier began organising the work immediately. They started by hiring women who live close to the factory and come from the lowest income groups. The supplier also educates the women in health and safety issues, informs about fair wages and legal rights, and coach them to operate a bank account and an ATM card. “The wages go directly to the women’s personal accounts. It’s a way to empower them and make sure that the money goes to the person that actually does the job,” explains Nidhi.

Better everyday life

The TJILLEVIPS baskets are sewn together by hand, a work that requires both precision and patience. “Visiting the factory floor and meeting these proud and skilled women is one of the best parts of my job. With a steady income, they get better opportunities to provide for themselves and their families, “TJILLEVIPS is an excellent example of how a simple idea and a small basket can lead to new possibilities and a great change.“

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What is jute?

Jute is a very hardwearing fibre that is found in the stem of the jute plant. It’s an easy-to-grow plant that requires very little fertiliser, pesticides or water and is ready to harvest after only 120 days. The jute fibre is often used for ropes and sacks but is also known for its silky-smooth lustre and can be spun into finer threads which are then woven. In our range we often use woven jute for items like curtains, rugs and furniture.

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