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Use as a cover panel on both sides of SKYTTA ceiling height reducer and paint it to match your wall.

The panel is covered with a paper foil that has no coating, so you can paint it to match your wall.

The paper foil is semi-bleached, making it easier to cover it with a light shade of paint.

SKYTTA top cover panel

More room, same space

All homes, big and small, have their challenges. Maybe there’s a lack of storage, or the whole life needs to fit in an open floor plan. With SKYTTA sliding door system, you can create a home office in the living room and a spacious walk-in closet in the bedroom as if by magic.

All over the world, people come up with all kinds of creative solutions to utilise their square metres smarter. Rooms are divided with a bookshelves, clothes and bulky stuff are hidden behind curtains. “With SKYTTA, we wanted to find a more stable solution reaching from floor to ceiling that still is flexible and affordable”, explains Fabio Picolato, who took part in the development work.

Make more of what we have

The answer was in our PAX wardrobes, or rather in their aluminium sliding doors. “Sure, we needed to adjust some details, like the rails on the floor and in the ceiling, but the technique and the production chain was already in place, which helped us save time and keep the price down.” Like with the PAX wardrobe, you can add your own style by choosing colour, finish and expression of the doors. SKYTTA is available in two widths and two heights – if none of them fit your space, we recommend that you ask our assembly service or a carpenter to help adjust the sliding doors.

Room to relax

One thing is for sure; life is never constant, and the needs change. But, if the family grows or the stuff overflow, a new home isn’t the only solution. With SKYTTA, you make room for new functions and get some much-needed calm as a contrast to a more hectic world, Fabio points out. “Comfort isn’t only about having a good bed or a comfortable sofa; it’s also about being able to relax and not be distracted by stuff or high noises.”

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Sliding doors for any space

Save space, create new space or hide space with SKYTTA sliding doors. The door frames and rails come in three different colours and combine with panels from the PAX range to create a personal solution. Made to run between the ceiling and floor, so no wardrobe frames are needed, and suitable with any of our storage system that fits your space. Or use them as a room divider. Choose a sleek, minimalistic door or an industrial looking glass door to set the style in your room.

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