Deep plate,
23 cm, white


2.790,-/2 pack

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3.990,- /2 pack
2.790,- /2 pack
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Round, oval and organic shapes that you can combine in many different ways, for either serving or eating. The dinnerware's durable material with a nice translucent shimmer makes your meal a true joy!

Designer thoughts

Designer Wiebke Braasch

When I designed FRÖJDEFULL dinnerware, I was inspired by music and how different tones come together to create a harmonious, characteristic and joyful melody. In the same way, the elegant round, oval and organic shapes of the series can be used either together or as solitaires to create both traditional and more modern table settings. All parts of the dinnerware are made to be used for either serving or eating – and to make all the day’s meals a true joy.

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