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Whether sitting, standing, working, dining or crafting, this space-saving counter height table serves your needs from morning meetings to evening mingle. The storage ladder keeps everything you need handy.
HÅVERUD table with storage ladder

Your hub for life at home

HÅVERUD began with an insight that all dining tables in our range had been quite conventional so far; a table top with four legs. So, how could a dining table become more flexible and give room for more activities in a small space? We asked a group of design students to think along new lines: less square metres and more cubic metres.

“It’s easy to get stuck in old habits,” says Product Developer Magnus Wernersson. “Together with the students, we wanted to find new solutions to people’s needs. We know that many live in a smaller space where they have to fit the whole life. Then it’s not a question of shrinking the furniture but about thinking smarter. For example, what can you do around the table top?”

From morning meeting to evening mingle

When the dust had settled in the prototype shop there was a clear idea: a table top with a storage ladder that stretches along the short ends and over the table. That evoked new ideas, like hooks and hanging storage containers. “Storage is important. To quickly get the computer or the crafts out of the way when it’s time to mix a dough or prepare tonight’s dinner. It should be easy to switch activity during the day.” And the rod over the table? Hang fresh herbs from it, and other things you want close by or just want to decorate with.

Every table becomes unique

So, what insights did Magnus and the team get from the project? “That a table can be so much more than a flat surface. I see HÅVERUD as a hub for different activities and as a transition between the different functions of the home if you have an open floor plan. Since you can see through the rods there’s never a heavy or compact feeling.” Now he’s curious to see how HÅVERUD will be received and used in different homes. “I think every table will be completely unique.”

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