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Dance to disco lights pulsating to favourite music or fall asleep snug with a night light and story. VAPPEBY speaker with lamp is a safe and fun friend for your child – anytime and anywhere in the home.
VAPPEBY bluetooth speaker

Jump up and dance!

It's hard to sit still when you hear a great song. Especially if colourful light flashes in sync with the music like a disco lamp. VAPPEBY speaker makes music more accessible to the youngest children. And it can be used anywhere in a home – even in the bathroom when brushing your teeth.

”We made it resistant to water splashes and robust, so it can fall on the floor now and again without breaking”, says Stjepan Begic. He’s been involved in developing VAPPEBY and seen how important music is to many children and their parents. ”In an interview survey with parents, 82 percent said that they like to dance with their children. Music is strongly associated with joy, movement and togetherness, yet also with a home’s atmosphere.”

Music without a screen

VAPPEBY speaker connects via Bluetooth to a device like a phone or tablet where the music streams. ”This means that the child doesn’t use a screen. We know many parents want to limit children's screen time, and this speaker puts all focus on the music.” The sound is connected to a light effect that causes the light on the speaker to pulsate with different colours in sync with the music. Just like a classic disco lamp!

A friend from morning to night

VAPPEBY looks like a cute make-believe animal, a new friend whose stylish bow tie acts as an on/off button. The volume is regulated by the nose, and you can jump between songs with an extra push of the bow tie button. ”Smaller children often have two songs they like to play on repeat for a period of time, and it’s easier when they only need to press a button", explains Stjepan. When the evening comes, you can put VAPPEBY in its charging station and dim it down to a soft night light – waiting for a new day of music and dance.

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