Coasters with holder,
10.0 cm, natural/sedge handmade


995,-/4 pack



1.190,- /4 pack
995,- /4 pack
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Let nature decorate your dining table. These 4 round coasters with their practical holder are handwoven from sedge. A unique handicraft that spreads a calm feeling while protecting the table.

Energy and Resources

Let nature help you set the table.

Natural fibres are beautiful and fast-growing plants that, after harvesting and drying, can be woven into decorative table mats, baskets and coasters for your dining table. To protect the beautiful material and still make it safe for contact with food, we use a water-based lacquer. So when you choose this product, you bring home something unique – a piece of nature refined by skilled artisans.


What is sedge (or seagrass)?

Sedge (or seagrass) grows naturally in South-East Asian coastal areas. For our products, we mainly use cultivated sedge from field areas that have previously been flooded by the sea, making them unsuitable for rice cultivation. But sedge grows well in salty soils and even helps cleanse them. After harvest, the plant is left to dry in the sun making it a hardwearing fibre ideal for weaving or braiding products with beautiful colour variations, like baskets and mats.

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